About Me

I've been designing for the past 20+ years. My first paid job was using clip-art from Photo Shop and a dot-matrix printer at the age of 10. Thanks Uncle John for letting me design your Advanced Concrete flyer. 

I honed in on my passion for design, persuasive writing, branding and visual literacy at Brigham Young University, where I majored in Communications Marketing and minored in English. I worked for a small book publishing company, was Marketing Director at an online grocer and then started my family. My creative juices have always been flowing and I've designed all along the way. 

My baby is now in middle school, my 10-year-old in his last year of elementary and my twins are in kindergarten. I am slowly taking on more and more freelance work and am happy to now have this portfolio site to showcase my work. 

Please, take a look and see what I've been up to recently.